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Maintenance and maintenance of oil filling machine

Period:2017-07-25 15:45:54 Clicks:

Edible oil filling machine plays an increasingly important role for the production of enterprises, to the enterprise, the use of edible oil filling machine is not what problem, but the operation and maintenance of the correct specification but many are ignored. In the use of filling machine, the use of these 3 skills must pay attention to, to extend the service life of the equipment is very helpful.

First of all, grounding wire must be inserted, to avoid electric shock. Edible oil filling machine must have a good grounding wire, in the electric control of the filling machine, some of the circuit and voltage exist, in the maintenance control line is sure to unplug the power line.

Secondly, lubrication is indispensable. Found that the equipment noise, it is likely to be mechanical gear in the lack of oil phenomenon, or with wear and tear, it is easy to cause performance degradation, reduce service life. Therefore, it is necessary to add lubricant at regular intervals to do the maintenance. If you do not use for a long time, you should check it before starting the machine, and then test it when you turn on the machine.

Third, use the power and air source according to the filling machine. Each food oil filling machine manual has a clear calibration, according to the requirements to build a working environment. If you need to wash or remove, do not forget to turn off the power and air.

How about these 3 extensions? The life of the filling machine is very simple. Don't say no one told you, oil filling machine in the use of the process also contains professional knowledge. In the next use and maintenance of filling machine, according to the above way, "actual combat" practice, for their own oil filling machine better maintenance and repair.