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Lutai Machinery Introduction of Lutai
Research and development of liquid packaging equipment and water treatment equipment

Qingzhou Lutai Machinery Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the Economic Development Zone, Qingzhou of Shandong which is the famous historic and cultural city. 

Lutai Machinery has been devoting to the research and development of the liquid packaging equipment and water treatment equipment over the years. It has become the professional producer with a certain scale in the domestic industry and is one of the best-selling packaging equipment brands. 

Lutai Machinery can provide the cooking oil plant, lubricating oil plant, beverage plant and other new enterprises with complex technology with the turnkey project and designate senior engineers for providing the plant construction guidance according to the manufacturer's needs. Our company can provide the production technology and a whole set of production equipment as well as the branch plant construction and right to use the brand for the chemical plants of anti-freezing solution, windshield washer fluid and detergent. 

The company undertakes the old enterprise expansion and equipment upgrading at the same time. 

The company provides 24-hour service hotline for the above business: 400-623-1988. 

National brand: The construction of brand culture is the indispensable key work for the formal enterprise. Lutai Machinery has "Dongyi" and "Lutai" brands and implements the dual-brand strategy. 

Management system: Lutai Machinery is one of companies passing the "ISO9001-2008" quality management system earlier in the industry. 

Quality certificates: "Lutai brand" four series filling equipment pass the demanding CE certification of the EU. 

Corporate culture: Qingzhou has been the activity center of Dongyi people since ancient times and is the origin of Dongyi culture. The essence of Dongyi culture is "Learning Widely from Others' Strong Points and Having Great Virtue". The basis of starting our career is "Adhering To the Essence of Dongyi Culture and Developing Dongyi National Brand". 

Service tenet: "Make Every Product, Serve Every Customer". 

Service advantage: The headquarter establishes the joint venture company Zhangjiagang Dongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, Jiangsu, and has more than 20 contracting after-sales service stations in various big cities all over the country, making your cooperation have no additional worries.  


24-hour service hotline: 400-623-1988