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Black ink inkjet printer, laser inkjet printer

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The advantages of laser ink jet printer are as follows:

1, reduce production costs, reduce supplies, improve production efficiency.

2, anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, laser inkjet technology can effectively counterfeit product identification to play a restraining role.

3, conducive to product tracking records, laser inkjet machine can produce the batch number, date of production, frequency, etc.. It can make every product get good tracking performance.

4, adding additional value can make the product look higher. Enhance the popularity of product brands.

5, reliable equipment, laser marking (coding) machine with mature industrial design, stable and reliable performance, 24 hours of continuous work, laser maintenance time of up to 20 thousand hours or more. The temperature range is wide (5 - 45 DEG C), and it is widely used in various fields.

6, environmental protection and safety, laser marking machine does not produce any harmful chemicals to the human body and the environment. Comply with GB7247-87; GB10320-88 standards. Is environmentally friendly high-tech products.

7, laser printing function in a very small range of printing large amounts of data, with very fine laser beam marking in the material itself, the printing of high precision, accurate control, clear interpretation of the printing content, with strong market competitiveness, environment protection and safety, no corrosion, completely cut off. Chemical pollution, for operators is a close protection, ensure the production site clean and tidy, reduce the investment, reduce noise pollution.



Human understanding of environmental protection and effective utilization of resources in the past more than 10 years,

Reach an unprecedented height. It has become the consensus of developed countries and most developing countries, including China, to eliminate the backward equipment production process, which causes environmental pollution and waste of resources.

First, the utility model has the advantages of high speed, high precision, good quality and little deformation, and greatly improves the appearance, image and brand effect of the products;

Two, a wide range of applications, almost any material engraving, identification, spurt the code;

Three, no need to open mold, computer editing, deformation convenience, without production restrictions, greatly shorten the new product development cycle and reduce development costs;

Four, the use of simple, any staff can short time to learn the normal laser equipment

Operation process;

Five, the protection of the environment, there is no adverse product of the environment, and for environmental friendly foundation to further create profit value;

Six, a variety of materials, a variety of shapes, surface marking, will not result in unstable operation and so on.

In summary, the laser printer "to fill the gaps in our online laser marking equipment, shorten the gap between China and developed countries in this field, a laser technology in our production line spraying equipment without pause identification of new applications. At the same time, due to its excellent quality and excellent performance price ratio, it will be able to occupy the domestic market in a short time, instead of imported products, and then enter the international market. The product has great social and economic significance.

DY-JG10/30 laser on line coder

Power: 10W wavelength: 10.64nm

Electricity demand: 220V; AC 50/60Hz

Weight: 13kg

User interface: touch screen

Cooling mode: air cooling

Location: red double dot focus

Range of marking: 90mmX90mm 110mmX110mm

Shape size: 680mm * 145mm * 145mm

The system is composed of laser, scanning galvanometer, beam expander, field mirror, switch power supply, control system and built-in touch screen

Laser: metal RF CO2 laser tube (life 20000 hours)

Scanning galvanometer: 10mm high speed dual phase scanning galvanometer

Beam expander: 3 times

Lens specifications: F45mm

Switching power supply: Taiwan Ming Wei S350-27

Control system: SUNINE software between WINOOWs and CE systems

Touch screen: 7 inches

Marking content: in English, digital, serial number, serial number, pattern,

Bar code, etc.

External environmental conditions: temperature (minus 1 DEG --40 DEG to be preheated); less than 95% humidity non condensing; free vibration

Product configuration list (based on product upgrades may be subject to change)

Serial number subsystem name, component name, type, quantity, origin remark

1 laser beam expander with head 1064-31 French

High speed scanning galvanometer SUNINE-10 2 Lu Tai

Vibration mirror driver card SUNINE-10 2

Scanning mirror NJ1064-12XY 2

Field mirror NJ-110 1 domestic

2 laser laser 10W 1 sets of American cutting-edge

3 red light positioning system 1 sets of Lu Tai

4 computer and software control system, 7 Inch Touch screen, 1 sets, Lu Tai

Marking software system CE2.1 1 sets of Lu Tai R & D

5 power supply switch S350-27W 1, Taiwan

The 6 bracket 1 Lu Taixuan accessories

7 optical turning device 1 Shandong Taixuan accessories

8 1 sets of Shandong Taixuan accessories handheld controller

9 200W 1 Taixuan Shandong Taiwan purification machine accessories

The implementation of quality standards:

Radiation safety, equipment classification requirements and user guide for GB 7247-87 laser products

Electrical safety of GB10320-88 laser equipment and facilities

ISO 9000-3 international software standards

GB/T12123-89 sales packaging procedures

IEC 536 classification of electric shock protection for electrical and electronic equipment