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Lutai Machinery Corporate culture
Research and development of liquid packaging equipment and water treatment equipment

◆ Enterprise spirit: 

 Perfect the customer service depending on the power of science and technology, and provide the better service for you; 

◆ Staff spirit: 

The staff makes efforts to exploit and develop themselves, keep amiable and sincere, don't evade and refuse the problem, adhere to taking cooperation and stability as the foundation, improve the deficiency, and keep keen on innovation. If you find a problem but don't make efforts to solve it, it will make the company head for the decline and fall; 

◆ Our value: 

Service to the society. The labor is glorious, the customer is our god, and damage to the company interests is the damage to each serving staff's interests, so every staff shall fight for such behavior; 

◆ Our work-oriented view: 

The society doesn't need us. If we don't provide the competitive services, the company will not need us. If we don't provide the valuable contributions and fail to do work well, we will have no job. A person who is not responsible for the work is not worth others' trust. 

◆ Our common ideal: 

Be the model of the information age, make the national enterprise brand