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Qingzhou machinery servo technology filling machine

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Servo series filling machine is Lutai mechanical patented products, the series servo technology of filling machine will be accurate and efficient, stable and successful 2-4 axis robot technology and traditional piston filling machine together. The servo control technology, filling accuracy of the basic realization of the "0" error, the filling speed is two times of filling meter the machine, much better than the national standard requirements, full touch screen control. This model has passed the CE certification of the European Union certification center.

Main features: honing stainless steel piston cylinder, servo motor control, can fill any capacity, rapid filling, pouring bottles, bottles are not filling. Filling speed can be adjusted to overcome the traditional filling slow characteristics. The machine has the adjustment node, as long as the input speed and the number of bottles per milliliter, direct filling. Quick, easy to use, no dripping.

Filling efficiency: 200-300 barrel / head / hour (4L oil as an example)

Adaptive industry:

Edible oil filling machine, lubricating oil filling machine, wine filling machine, soy sauce filling machine, vinegar filling machine, sauce filling machine, chili sauce filling machine, honey filling machine, enzyme filling machine, etc.

Product advantage:

1. touch screen operation, user-friendly design, simple and intuitive operation. Changing specifications and modifying parameters are convenient and quick

2. long term use, low failure rate

3. accurate liquid level sensing, automatic feeding, constant pressure flow channel parameters, to help you complete the filling operation.

4., the specially designed integral lifting mechanism is unique. The utility model has the advantages of convenient and quick adjustment, and can satisfy the packing of various specifications of containers. Different from the traditional way of lifting, the pipe is too curved and extended filling time.

5. photoelectric sensing and pneumatic door linkage control, lack of bottles, pouring bottles are automatically protected.

6. pneumatic control valve, each flow channel can be independently adjusted and cleaned.

7. set the filling volume freely on the touch screen.

8. use anti dripping and anti drawing filling nozzle structure design.

9., according to different configurations, can meet all the fluid, semi fluid and sauce filling production