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Labeling machine, trapping label machine and shrink label machine series
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self-adhesive horizontal labeller

self-adhesive horizontal labeller

Product classification:Labeling machine, trapping label machine and shrink label machine series
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Product description

The labeller is the equipment of pasting the reeled self-adhesive paper label (paper or metal foil) on PCB, product or specified package. The labeller is the necessary part of the modern packaging. At present, the types of the labeller produced in China are gradually increasing, and the technological level also is greatly improved. The labeler has turned from the backward situation of manual and semi-automatic labeling to the situation of the automatic high-speed labeler occupies the broad market. 

Lutai Machinery develops a series of straight line labellers depending on its scientific research power, by reference to the national advanced equipment technology and based on the characteristics of various bottle types, various label types and endless emergence of special-shaped bottles.  Our company can design the individual labeller which is most suitable for the customer according to the individual requirements of the vast of customers. 

Main features: 

◆ It has the powerful function, pastes the multiple labels at a time, simplifies the process, and improves the production efficiency; 

◆ The application is flexible, each labeling head can be controlled independently, and one or more labels can be pasted respectively; 

◆ The adjustment is convenient, the adjusting bearer of X/Y/Z axis is installed, the labeling head can be adjusted comprehensively, and the product switch is simple and quick. 

◆ It adopts the intelligent control and automatic photoelectric tracking, and has the function of no labeling for nothing, automatic correction for no label and automatic label testing function, avoiding wasting and missing the label; 

◆ It is solid and healthy, the main material is the stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, and the structure is firm, meeting GMP production requirements; 

◆ It has high stability, adopts PLC + touch screen + stepping motor + electronic control system of fiber optic sensor for control, has stable performance, and supports 7×24-hour production; 

◆ It adopts the touch screen operation interface and has all Chinese annotation and perfect fault prompt function, the adjustment of various parameters is simple and quick, and the operation is convenient; 

◆ Optional functions: ① Thermal coding/ink-jet printing function; ② Automatic feeding function (considering in combination with product); ③ Automatic receiving function (considering in combination with product); ④ Increase of labeling device; ⑤ Removal function of bottles without label (customize according to the customer requirements) 

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