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Constant pressure gravity filling machine series
Research and development of liquid packaging equipment and water treatment equipment
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Product classification:Constant pressure gravity filling machine series
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Product description

The constant pressure gravity filling machine of Lutai Machinery fully embodies the results of wisdom of scientific research personnel of Lutai Machinery. It is based on the original gravity models, according to the needs of production practices, accepts the views of the majority of manufactories, introduces the advanced filling process control technologies from the countries in Europe and America, and realizes the intelligent constant pressure and significantly improve the production efficiency. The CPU uses the international leading products such as Siemens or Omron etc., which has imported the full-color touch screen human-computer interface. It can realize one-button operation in the entire filling process, and is incomparable for other counterparts in domestic. It accords with GMP enterprise used standards. This series of products have obtained the CE certificate of access of the EU in 2015. 

Scope of application: Low concentration liquid within 3000 bottles/hour 

Applicable industry: Liquor filling machine, red wine filling machine, yellow rice wine filling machine, vinegar filling machine, soy sauce filling machine, washing liquor filling machine, windshield washer fluid filling machine, anti-freezing solution filling machine, automotive urea filling machine, anti-corrosion filling machine, explosion-proof filling machine, health care oil filling machine, pure milk filling machine, pesticide filling machine, chemical fertilizer filling machine, enzyme filling machine, etc.