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Low vacuum filling machine series
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12-head straight-line low vacuum filling machine

12-head straight-line low vacuum filling machine

Product classification:Low vacuum filling machine series
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Product description

The straight-line low vacuum filling machine of Lutai Machinery is the model selling well for many years. Besides the advantages of the general straight-line filling machine, it has the fast filling speed, consistent filling liquid level, no leak of filling head, no foam in the filling process, etc.. It uses the corrosion-resistant stainless steel at the food grade for production, and the sealing element uses the silica gel or PTFE at the food grade. It is really appropriate for the filling of red wine, soy sauce, vinegar and other low-concentration frothing liquid. 

Main index: 

Filling range: 0.2-2L 

Filling speed: 200-300 bottles/head/hour (500ML) 

Filling accuracy: ±0.3% (liquid level) 


1. If the bottle has the different thickness and height, even if the liquid level is consistent, it may produce the larger weighing error. 

2. The model is applicable to the glass bottle and the bottle of other materials with better quality and harder shell. For the plastic bottle with the common quality, the customer shall select other types of filling machine of the company.