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Semi-automatic filling machine series
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semi-automatic weighing tierce filling machine

semi-automatic weighing tierce filling machine

Product classification:Semi-automatic filling machine series
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Product description

The semi-automatic filling machine which is not equipped with the automatic conveyor system and requires the independent manual bottle charging and discharging shall need the specially-assigned personnel operation, with the efficiency being lower than the full-automatic filling machine. However, due to the uneven development of the various industries, it is still the first choice for many small and medium-sized enterprises, such as lubricating oil industry, cooking oil industry, auto accessories industry, daily chemical products industry, etc.  

The semi-automatic filling machine has many classifications. It can be divided into the volume metering type, quality metering type and volume mass type according to the filling principle and is divided into the single-head, double-head and multi-head. The performance and working efficiency of the different filling machines have the tremendous difference. There are two main problems - filling speed and metering accuracy, and these two are two main performance indicators of the cooking oil filling machine. 

Lutai Machinery can not only develop the intelligent, efficient and multifunctional automatic packing production line, but also consider the actual situation of the emerging micro and small enterprises and develop a series of semi-automatic filling equipment at the middle and low grade for the selection of the vast customers. 

The variety includes: Semi-automatic Piston filling machine, semi-automatic gravity filling machine, semi-automatic flowmeter filling machine, semi-automatic weighing filling machine, etc.

Applicable industry: Filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, cooking oil filling machine, lubricating oil filling machine, paste filling machine, weighing filling machine, cask wine filling machine, yellow rice wine filling machine, windshield washer fluid filling machine, anti-freezing solution filling machine and sauce filling machine.