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Linear automatic rubbing machine for lubricating oil machine filling machine

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Qingzhou Lutai Machinery Co. Ltd. Corporation is located in a historical and cultural city of Shandong city in Qingzhou Province Economic Development Zone, over the years has been committed to the automation of intelligent fluid packaging equipment and water treatment equipment research and manufacturing, the domestic industry has become a large-scale professional manufacturer and equipment supplier.

* for edible oil, lubricating oil, beverage plants, water and other complex new enterprises, Lutai machinery can provide turnkey projects, according to the manufacturer needs to appoint high technology to provide plant guidance. Such as vehicle maintenance supplies and daily chemical products manufacturers, Lutai machinery can provide a full set of production technology and production equipment, and can provide procedures for building a branch and the right to use the brand, and providing high quality and low price of raw materials.

This water treatment equipment is Lutai traditional mechanical advantage products, the company is also Chinese direct drinking water association. According to the technology and production R & D capability, we can provide large pure water, mineral water, demineralized water, ultra pure water, reclaimed water, desalination, brackish water desalination equipment.

B: national brand building brand culture is indispensable to the work of informal enterprises, Lutai machinery has "Dongyi", "Lu Tai" brand, the brand strategy.

This management system: Lutai machinery is the industry earlier by one of the'ISO9001-2008'quality management system of the company.

* quality certification: 'Lutai brand' four series of filling equipment all through the'CE certification 'demanding eu.

Enterprises culture: social commitment learn widely from others'strong points of innovation

Service advantage: the country has more than 20 contracted customer service service station. Ensure that the province within 24 hours, outside the province within 48 hours of on-site service, so that your cooperation without any worries.