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Semi automatic peanut oil filling machine | Qingzhou Lutai machinery | bottled edible oil filling machine

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Flow meter filling machine

Scope of application: this model is suitable for quantitative filling of viscous liquid in engine oil, lubricating oil, edible oil and other industries. For other uses, please advise the manufacturer that the manufacturer is not responsible for the warranty on any damage caused by the failure to use the product. The risk is solely borne by the user.

Two, performance features: This machine is reasonable in structure, reliable performance, accurate and simple adjustment (adjusted filling volume) and a shell to contact with the filling material are made of stainless steel (standard type 304 stainless steel material, can also be customized 316 material models).

Three, working principle: using gear pump (screw pump, rotor pump) continuous feeding, maintaining a constant pressure regulator through the overflow oil, then by flow meter and transmitter in the pipeline liquid flow into electric pulse signal output via PLC or volumetric flowmeter instrument remote control, Liaoning oil filling machine, automatic control, oil vat the filling machine, realize different metering filling.